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Complementary Wellbeing

Enhancing overall wellbeing through safe applications of essential oils and complementary practices for the mind, heart and body.

Transformative programs for modern busy professionals to upgrade their life, career and personal growth through self-development.
Human-Animal Wellbeing

By healing our relationships with animals on this planet, we heal ourselves. We become better human beings. Through honouring our sacred relationships with them, they help us become healthy, wholesome and loving human beings living our highest potential.

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  • Holistic lifestyle and wellness seeker
  • Corporate professionals and entrepreneurs
  • People working with or caring for animals

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Norce Putri

Co-Founder of YL Indonesia Users Community, Author of

When I did my first Passion test at the end of 2015 with Gennet & Jacq, it was out of curiousity. But then that curiousity (it didn't kill the cat!) led me to a whole new experience of finding myself and my true passion.

In the following year after I took the test, many of my markers materialised even though I have forgotten what I had written, and I didn't even realised when it's happening. It's mind blowing!


Past participant of Spark your Passion workshop

The Passion Test programme that I went through with Gennet and Jacq was a real eye opener for me. I am glad that I attended it as it has helped me tremendously with the way I think. I learnt a few techniques that have helped me to stay focus and to ‘receive’ – patiently yet surely. Intention, Attention, No Tension. Before the workshop, I was clueless about my life. I was once working and have gotten a good position in my company (but unhappy and sick due to burnout). A moment of realisation- I ‘allowed’ myself to lose my own individuality. With these powerful tools that were taught, I gained more insights on my life. I learnt few things about myself. I am more grateful for the position I am in as a mother and wife- they were a part of my passion.

Gelen Yong

Suit Specialist, Daughter, sister, companion, soulmate

I had a traumatic experienced and was told to not do TRE without professional supervision. There was great sense of ease, comfort and joy that evening where Jacq specially kept close to me during my shakes. Her affirmations, gentle questionsings allow me to stay present with my shake. Something shifted that evening and I wasn't sure what was. I know for sure it was grounded, calming and soothing. I had very restful night after that evening. Emotionally, I didn't expect that I was able to verbalize my traumas and inwardly felt a sense of relieve, joy and peace. It was the togetherness. Big group charge up the synergy in the room. Experiencing that we all came for the event for a reason and that very reason brought all of us together.

When I'm feeling stressful. Days where I experiencing big shifts and I needed grounding. Even having TRE as a night ritual to sums up the day. It was lovely to see more people wanting to know and learn what TRE is.


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Energy that sustains your throughout the day

Fulfilment and meaningful life

Purposeful and healthy relationships at work and at home

Ability to thrive and perform your best in any endeavours 

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We are a holistic sanctuary that offers bespoke healing and life transformational experiences that evolve with your life stages. Our offerings comprise of resources, products, retreats, community support, initiatives, workshops and programs where you continually uncover and express yourself on what sparks you and what makes you come alive.

We hold a safe, nurturing and nonjudgmental space for seekers of life who wants to grow at their own pace, to explore and discover life beyond what we are sold and to create our own version of a fulfilled life.

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