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Gennet Song

Gennet’s life has been revolved around health, total wellbeing and personal growth. Often seen as a seminar junkie on subjects related to holistic wellbeing, healing, body, emotional wellbeing and resilience, she is driven by her passion for learning and growth.

Her unique gift to others is her nurturing presence of stability and trustworthiness. She captivates and inspires her audience with her communication style that creates a presence of love, grace and passion. She leads people to rediscover their true deepest passion in life and nurtures them on a holistic and transformational path of growth.

Gennet is a Certified Integrative Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York, a Certified Passion Test Consultant for Business (Solopreuners and Executive Leaders) as well as a Certified NLP Master Practitioner. She is also a student of Dr Joe Dispenza's works in the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics.

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Jacq Ong

Jacq Ong is a passionate advocate for holistic animal care, and building positive human-animal relationships. Jacq's role as an advocate was triggered by an intense health crisis she experienced between 2010-2012. In the process of using essential oils on Shadow King, an ex-racehorse, to support his rehabilitation, she experienced profound physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Jacq honors this journey with Shadow King, her own pets and many other deep connections with animals she has met along the way, or invited to support, through her role as a human-animal facilitator. Jacq has also a particular interest in the quality of life care for animals using empowering core modalities such as Young Living essential oils and animal communication, with a strong connection to the death and dying process that animals and their caregivers have the privilege of walking together.

Jacq is also a Certified Transformation Game® facilitator with Findhorn College

Training, speaking, coaching and facilitation approach

Our human-centric methodology is focused on empowering participants and clients to discover and activate their own innate capabilities. Our sessions are geared towards transformation, sustainable learning and applications. We've worked with organizations like Singapore Armed Forces, public schools, National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) and Young Living Singapore.