Spark Your Passion

spark your passion workshop live your true purpose and passion singapore
Discover how you can live life with vitality, passion and abundance.

In the World Happiness Report 2018, Singapore is ranked number 34th!

Is happiness good for your health? In another study, it appears that happiness does not predict longevity in sick populations, but that it does predict longevity among healthy populations. So, happiness does not cure illness but it does protect against becoming ill.

As more and more people are desiring for sustainable happiness, wellbeing and a better quality of life, living on purpose, passion and fulfilment are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity. 

Based on the works of Janet n Chris Attwood, The Passion Test, Spark Your Passion is a series of deep and interactive workshops. They are designed to equip participants with tools that are simple, practical and profound for self-development. The sessions help to raise one's quality of life that raises all other aspects of their life.

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